There is No “Right” Way to Birth

Location, music, movies, space, ambience, guests ….

There are so very many depictions of birth in the media: movies, books, magazines and television. Many vocal opinions abound on the “right” way to birth. There truly is no “right” way. There is merely YOUR way.

Your birth experience is dependent upon your own choices. Those choices begin with the provider you hire. Your relationship with your provider will set the tone for your entire pregnancy, culminating in your birth. Most moms have options when selecting a provider. Indeed, you can opt to change providers well into your pregnancy if you realize that you don’t have a good fit.

You are able to choose the location of your birth as well (often dependent upon your choice of provider). Will you choose birth center, hospital, home, hotel, or B&B? There are benefits and drawbacks of each choice. Where will you feel most comfortable? Feeling relaxed, comfortable and safe are essential to productive, uninhibited birth.

When composing your birth plan you have many things to consider. Are you committed to a drug-free, no intervention birth? Would you prefer to “go with the flow” and utilize medicine if it feels right at the moment? Do you know that you want medication for pain relief? Do you desire delayed cord clamping or a lotus birth? Will you hire a doula to support you and advocate for your choices?

None of these choices are right or wrong. What is most important is that you do some deep down soul searching to determine what best suits you.


Sample Birth Plans


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