“Why would I want to ingest my placenta?!”

In recent years the benefits of eating the placenta have been explored by anthropologists and scientists alike. Ingesting the placenta during the postpartum period is reported to:

  • Increase general energy
  • Provide a quicker recovery and return to health after birth
  • Increase the production of breast milk
  • Decrease the occurence of baby blues and post natal depression
  • Decrease the occurence of iron deficiency
  • Decrease the occurence of insomnia or sleep disorders

Many moms have experienced great benefits, especially moms who have had past experience with postpartum depression. Placenta may be taken in capsule form, as frozen “pills”, raw, in stew, in smoothies, and in tincture form. I am able to prepare placenta by all of these methods.

I have assembled the following links so that you may read a variety of sources with differing viewpoints.

Pros and Cons:


Placenta Benefits



full scientific write-up

scientific study abstracts


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